No-cost credit: Compare the best deals

Are you looking for a loan with no upfront costs? With no reputable loan provider, upfront costs are just an issue.

Neither direct banks nor branch banks, reputable credit brokers or insurance companies that deal with the granting of loans will confront you with preliminary costs. Loans with no upfront costs are a matter of course.

It does not matter whether it is an instant loan or whether a reputable niche provider issues loans without credit rating. You will also no longer encounter any separate processing fees since the courts declared processing fees to be inadmissible. The situation is different on the “gray credit market”. Here loans are offered outside of legality or on the edge of legality that do not exist at all. If such loan offers advertise with words such as “without upfront costs” or “without fees”, it is a double deception:

The alleged financial service provider will ultimately find a way to get his victims’ money. But lending will generally not take place.

First of all, we would like to inform you about how you can get serious and cheap loans with no upfront costs, even if your creditworthiness is not perfect.

Later we describe the most common tricks of semi-silk traders and the methods they use to pull money out of their customers’ pockets without even thinking about lending.

Serious credit with no upfront costs

Serious credit with no upfront costs with lender

The credit comparison from lender is totally free. Its use has no impact on the credit rating of credit bureaus.

Effects on score values ​​only arise when you sign a specific loan application, be it in the traditional way by hand or by electronic signature. Using modern technology, lender will automatically provide you with the best possible offer, which the partner banks can provide, taking into account your personal creditworthiness. People with average or even below-average credit ratings also get a credit chance in this way.

The variety of loan offers is a special service that lender provides. Customers can not only choose from the usual direct loan offers from the best direct banks.

The loan calculator also contains two other special types of credit:

A real instant loan with no upfront costs. This offer is aimed at customers who need a loan quickly without any upfront costs. The loan product is fully digitized with a paperless application, online account check and electronic signature.

After a positive immediate credit decision, the payment is made to the specified account. Special repayments are possible free of charge.

Two P2P loan offers expand the loan options for customers who do not fit into the usual scheme. This group of people includes the self-employed, older borrowers, lower earning applicants or applicants who have income but not from self-employment or employment.

Serious credit without credit rating and without upfront costs

Serious credit without credit rating and without upfront costs

First read all the details about the loan without credit rating and bank as the only provider. Credit rating-free loans are individually defined small loans over 3,500 dollars, 5,000 dollars or 7,500 dollars, which are repaid in 40 equal monthly installments. The loans can be applied for directly from bank.

Another option is to use the services of a credit intermediary.

All providers do not charge any upfront costs. You work without prepayment. It is advisable to use a credit broker if there are only slight or resolved negative characteristics in the credit rating file. In these cases, credit intermediaries can often help with a normal installment loan. In any case, they are more flexible.

Conclusion on preliminary costs:

Conclusion on preliminary costs:

Be on guard when you are given abstruse credit promises that lack reality. Under no circumstances make prepayment. If commissions are incurred at all, the lender or the credit intermediary is only entitled to payment after the contract has been legally concluded. Most of the time, the commission becomes part of the reported annual percentage rate. Never enter into additional contracts for insurance or other financial products. The same applies to consultancy contracts of all kinds. Such deals have no influence on your creditworthiness and do not increase the likelihood of lending.

In addition, they are often overpriced and inferior financial products. Preliminary costs and other financial products offered in connection with lending do not have to violate the law. In any case, they are dubious.

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